Lepshey Studio has completed over 400 projects throughout its 12-year history.

The studio specializes in UX/UI design and web development.

We deliver optimal solutions to our clients and partners from various industries, including Fintech, Gamedev, and Edutainment.

Since 2011, we have been heavily involved in Fintech projects and have become the leading design partner of ID Finance (MoneyMan, AmmoPay, Solva).

+12 years
+20 experts
+400 projects
+30 countries


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Alexander Dunaev
Alexander Dunaev
Co-founder, Chief Operational Officer at MoneyMan
“Lepshey consistently shows careful attitude towards each joint project. All the work is done quickly and in the organised manner. It is crucially important for our company that though each time the work is done in a very limited time, the number of iterations is reduced to the minimum. This reduces the cost of process management from our side. All comments are processed practically in the real time mode.”
Dmitry Dolgorukov
Dmitry Dolgorukov
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer at HES / GiniMachine
“I’d like to admit professionalism, the high competence and efficiency in solution solving, as well as the responsibility for the final result that Lepshey provides.”
Denis Zubkov
Denis Zubkov
Head of Product at RecruitLoop
“Your creativity and ability to come up with original and unique solutions is a great gift to any potential client of yours. You know how to listen and how to bring new ideas that will enhance your client’s business. May the force be with you!”


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