UX/UI design development for fintech app


Quppy is a fintech solution that helps to make all banking operations with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and fiat currencies.


To explore the audience of the service, develop the Customer Journey Map, create and test interactive prototypes, UI Design the app and elements of the interface, build the UI Kit.

Business Research

We started from the beginning and analyzed which goals, motives and expectations potential users have, and which business processes answer their requirements.

  • • Business and market analysis
  • • Target audience research
  • • Creation of Customer Profiles
Sample user profiles for the app Quppy

Wireframes / Prototypes

100500 prototypes with all kinds of blocks and elements states were designed to illustrate each possible user scenario.

UI and animation

We made the prototypes alive by developing an eye-catching UI design and animated key screens in a way that closely mimic the final product.


When start working with the app, a user discovers the benefits and functions of Quppy and understands the real value of the product. Due to animated illustrations, the process of onboarding goes much faster and not boring.


To reduce the time of adding new users to the app we designed a handy registration form. Now it is just a 3-step process.

Loan Screen

A new user see ‘Call to action’ blocks that suggest to create the first wallet, apply for a Quppy card and take a loan.

Wallet Screen

This section contains the data of all client’s wallets, cards and loans. A user may create a new wallet, choose the needed type of the wallet or take a loan.

Send, Receive, Exchange

On the wallet page it’s possible to quickly replenish the balance, make a currency transfer, watch the transaction history, change wallet settings, repeat the previous operations with the help of saved templates, copy and share the QR code of the wallet.


UI design was created for all Quppy settings, including app lock, backup, account verification, wallet archive, language switcher, alternative currency choice, network payment choice, app info.

Illustrations & Pictogramms

Our designers developed a UI Kit of custom illustrations. Cards of special offers were complimented by the pictograms.

UI Kit



R108 G99 B255
R255 G101 B132
R65 G69 B97
R45 G218 B165
R91 G149 B255

UI Elements

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