Prototyping, UX/UI design, adaptive HTML coding for a robo-advisory platform.

Lepshey, in cooperation with HiEnd Systems, developed a robo-advisory service for creating and managing an investment portfolio.

The platform enables customers to evaluate their current financial standing and set investment goals (savings for education, retirement, car purchase).

Using the various interactive capabilities of the service (co-browsing, video chat), users connect with a financial consultant and receive individual recommendations on reaching their goals.

Apart from this, the platform enables customers to follow received recommendations by investing funds, opening a pension savings account, making a deposit or signing an insurance contract.

User flow

The main page offers two ways of interacting with the platform:

  1. RoboAdviser — AI-powered financial consulting in such areas as investments and pension savings. The investment portfolio is created automatically.
  2. IFL — the customer works with a live financial advisor via a text/video/audio chat and co-browsing. The advisor tailors the investment portfolio to the individual needs of the customer.
Scenario scheme
Scenario RoboAdviser path arrows
Scenario IFL path arrows

Home page

The home page provides information about the functionality of the platform and the benefits of Loyal North and their products. It allows users choose a way of interacting with the platform and explains the advantages of their choice.

Fusion home page

Animated icons and mini-illustrations

We designed icons and mini-illustrations using bright, vivid colors – it helps place accents on a page the right way. We highlighted the most important things using animated icons for customers’ products and key investment types.

  • Pension Planner
  • Investment Planner
  • Planning on advised
  • Life Time Planner
  • Mortgage
  • Protection Planner

Landing pages

From the home page, the user is forwarded to one of the landing pages: Robo Adviser and Personal Consultant.

Each page tells about one of the ways of interacting with the platform: available goals, ways of achieving them, and available financial instruments.

Working with a consultant

Communication between users and consultants is an important part of the overall experience. We took this process online, thus allowing a user to start working with an investment expert immediately after registration.

The user first creates an account.
The system then prompts the user to choose the most attractive investment areas. The consultant receives this information and prepares to work with the customer with a focus on the customer’s areas of choice.
The customer picks a convenient time and method of communication for the advisory sessions.

Individual sessions with a consultant help compile a comprehensive summary of income sources from investments, savings, pensions and such. After that, the dedicated Loyal North expert factors in expenses, creates a financial plan and a detailed roadmap for meeting the customer’s goals.

Mobile version of the site

The site adapts to any devices, including smartphones and tablets. Users are not limited in the ways they interact with the site.

Working with a consultant

The consultant and the customer work together to assess their opportunities and risks, define goals and lay out the overall strategy. The consultant suggests the best methods of achieving financial goals and the most appropriate instruments for the job.

We simplified the work with the platform and divided it into several steps — the user is not overloaded with details, fills out forms in small increments, and understands the next steps.

Working with surveys

The process of setting up a personal account is an important part of working with the platform. The more accurate the account data is, the better investment results the user will achieve. That is why a personal consultant always helps the customer to configure their account and fill it with the right data.

Graphics and animations

Investment plan calculator

The calculator visually illustrates how the chosen investment methods and risk levels affect the progress towards set goals. It offers the user 3 potential scenarios and recommendations on reaching the optimal result.


We have delivered a UI Kit describing the principles of building the UI of the service.



Color scheme

Base colors


Additional colors



Buttons and links



designers and frontend developers on the project
design, UI design, HTML coding
combined effort
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