UX/UI design and adaptive HTML coding of the LoansGate user dashboard.
LoansGate is a micro-lending partner program in the U.S.



The main section and the start page of the dashboard.

We organized the information and designed a section where the user gets the necessary data in a well readable and highly visual form — current traffic metrics, balance, and statistics. The information is presented using compact widgets that focus the user’s attention on the most relevant figures and parameters.


The Offers section contains the main tools: offers, banner sets, JS forms, HTML templates, API's and Postback Tracking data.

The user chooses the necessary tools and configures the platform for future use.


This section features detailed information about working with the platform: a quick start guide, instructions for preparing the site, popular questions, legal information, a manual for working with keywords and trademarks, recommendations on using SMM and newsletters.

All the information is conveniently structured and subdivided into areas so that users can easily find answers to their questions. This will reduce the number of support requests and simplify the work of the support department.


Here is where users manage their finances – request payouts, view statistics, generate invoices.

We brought structure to this area and optimized the process of entering payment details. We also came up with a scenario for new webmasters making their first payment.


This section contains a personal invitation link, the user’s referral commission value, total earnings, and a list of users who joined by invitation.


This section contains all of the user’s support requests in the form of cards. For the user’s convenience, cards contain the status of requests and the number of messages in threads.

The user can sort and filter requests by date, status, and subject to search for the necessary request.

Other pages


We created a set of unique illustrations for all the widgets, cards, special offers and system areas.

Mobile version of the site

We adapted the LoansGate platform for smartphones and tablets while preserving all of its functionality – the user enjoys full comfort on any devices.

Style Guide

R32 G110 B250
R190 G200 B220
R215 G230 B250
R35 G215 B145

UI Kit

designers and frontend developers on the project
UX prototypes, UI design, HTML coding
in total were required
Design and front-end development of the website of a microfinance platform LoansGate
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