BSB Factoring

UX/UI design of dashboard & website

Based on received data, we have studied the requirements of the service’s audience and have prepared users’ scenarios for The Bank, The Suppliers and The Customers.

Automatization of the process had allowed:

  • increase the speed of interactions between bank, suppliers, and customers
  • reduce time on checking documents and consideration of applications
  • optimize staff costs of the bank
  • increase the amount of appeals and financial turnover


Website of Factoring service

Main task of the website – accessible clarify all the advantages of the factoring by BSB Bank, tell about the process of receiving the service, make a request.


  • Organize and simplify interactions of the client with the bank thanks to the systems of electronic document management, high speed of sending notifications, application processing.
  • Provide fast communication between the bank and the client.
  • Quick access to statistics and reports on factoring operations.
  • Status control and states of applications and payments.


We tell about the factoring service of BSB Bank, its features and advantages.

We use bright accents in design so we can highlight important information and leave positive emotions from interacting with website.

Dynamic slides
Short description of the benefits of factoring.
The main benefits with pictograms and short description.
We tell about types of factoring using interactive schemes.
Reviews increase trust.
Receive factoring easily.
Comparison tables
We show the benefits of factoring.
We provide documents for detailed introduction with service.
Display news block, provide the opportunity to go to the main Bank site, make a request or turn to support service.

We use dynamic interactive elements in website to ease perception and to attract attention to important information.

Scheme «Open factoring to customers»

Steps of registering factoring application.
We add calculator of revenue calculation so client could see different variants of getting a loan and choose the most suitable for himself.

Factoring application

When factoring contract application is approved, client gets access to Dashboard where he can control all operations and keep electronic document circulation.

Style Guide

R255 G0 B0
R249 G250 B250
R20 G33 B60
R0 G0 B0

UI Kit

The balance of the application and statistics on the financing limit are displayed using charts.
Applications may have different statuses changed by the bank employee.


Creating a new factoring agreement

The first login to the personal account of the new user

Creating a funding request


One of the main tasks was to create a database for electronic document circulation. This was taken into account in the design of the forms that the client fills in when creating a new factoring agreement and request for funding.
Documents in DOC, PDF and XLS format can be attached to the form.
All documents will be stored in the system, attached to the relevant factoring agreement, or request.
Every site needs a system. Creating individual components makes product support quick and less time consuming. In the client’s personal cabinet we use the card system.

Personal dashboard of the Employee

Home page
Information blocks for quick access are highlighted on the main page of the Dashboard of the Employee: New requests, Factoring Agreements, Payments.
New contracts
The table contains information on requests for registration of factoring contracts, as well as new contracts in the process of clearance, that is, received from the client with a package of documents.
Information on cash flow is presented in the table Payments.

Internal pages

Style Guide

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R189 G201 B218
R244 G247 B253
R17 G24 B84

UI Kit

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