Belarusian Human Rights House

Designing a website for the non-profit
The country cannot survive without those living its rights.
Adam Mickiewicz
A Polish poet, dramatist, essayist, publicist, translator, and political activist.


The Belarusian Human Rights House is a Vilnius-based organization that promotes and defends Belarusian citizens' human rights. In addition, they work to support their human rights defenders and contribute to the development of human rights communities.


The Belarusian Human Rights House is a part of the Human Rights Foundation, which is dedicated to protecting human rights, especially in Belarus. In order to meet their goals, the client needed to create a website that was easy to manage from scratch.


To offer scalable, fast, and flexible service, we designed a website using Storyblock CMS.
In addition to the main menu, we added anchors to the hero banner for navigation purposes:
Besides, it enables focusing users’ attention on what matters most:
Human rights advocacy
Strengthening capacity
Human Rights Education (ILIA-By)
Protection of human rights defenders
Filtering content by tags made it simple to search for needed information, which is indisputably important when it comes to the activity of BHRH:
We made it as easy as possible for you to contribute by placing the donation form on every page:

Internal pages

From the moment we started, User Experience was at the top of our list. We made a system that is simple and easy to navigate so that users can focus on the content and not be confused.
“The Belarusian Human Rights House is proud to announce our website launch. We know that the whole human rights sector in Belarus will benefit from this project”
Anisim Alena
A member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:


The power of this website lies in its UI. The interface is simple and easy-to-navigate, and allows any contributor to easily create and update content. The system is made with Vue.js and Storyblok, which makes it easy to manage text, photos, or events — regardless of the contributor’s skill level.


With the use of our service, we’ve created a visual site layout.
We prepared prototypes for all site pages to reduce the workload, designed all blocks and element states.


The adaptive site for smartphones and tablets allows you to access its resources on the go.

UI Kit



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UI Elements

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