UX and UI design for Fintech

We specialize in UX/UI, web design and development for the Fintech industry

UX, User Experience

Analysis of the target audience and its needs. Design and prototyping of interface solutions based on knowledge and research. Improvement of the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty through added value, satisfaction, and convenience of using the product.
  • UX 1
    We create use cases and describe how the user will interact with the product (Customer Journey Map).
  • UX 2
    We use fast prototyping for finding optimal solutions for your product (website, mobile app, interface).
  • UX 3
    Based on the results of fast prototyping, we develop an interactive prototype.
  • UX 4
    We test the UI on a focus group representing your target audience.
  • UX 5
    We create the final prototype with changes made after the completion of the UX testing phase.

UI, User Interface

Design of the user interface defining the structure, form, behavior, and the visual style of your product.
  • UI 1
    Design of 2-3 key screens of your product (website, mobile app, interface).
  • UI 2
    Development of all the screens and interface elements.
  • UI 3
    Creation of micro-interactions (animations), icons, and illustrations.
  • UI 4
    Preparation of a UI Kit and handover of all project source materials.

In our work, we follow design guidelines from Apple and Google: Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design


Human Interface Guidelines


Material Design

The tools we use

For prototyping

For design

For analytics

Areas where our UX/UI experience can be applied

  • Fintech startups
  • Consumer digital banking
  • Corporate digital banking
  • Cryptocurrency startups
  • Wealth management
  • Payments
  • Lending
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • ATM solutions
  • Robo-advisors
  • Personal finance PFM

Lepshey is the #1 Belarusian agency in the Top User Experience (UX) Agencies category on Clutch


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Boris Batin
Boris Batin
Boris Batin, Сo-founder, Chief Executive Officer at ID Finance
“ID Finance has been working with Lepshey since 2011. Over the years, they have delivered not just the design for the websites of the companies comprising the ID Finance fintech holding, but also a number of UI solutions. We are very happy with the outcome of this long cooperation.”
Alexander Dunaev
Alexander Dunaev
Co-founder, Chief Operational Officer at MoneyMan
“Lepshey Studio consistently shows careful attitude towards each joint project. All the work is done quickly and in the organised manner. It is crucially important for our company that though each time the work is done in a very limited time, the number of iterations is reduced to the minimum. This reduces the cost of process management from our side. All comments are processed practically in the real time mode.”
Dmitry Dolgorukov
Dmitry Dolgorukov
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer at HES / GiniMachine
“I’d like to admit professionalism, the high competence and efficiency in solution solving, as well as the responsibility for the final result that Lepshey provides.”

UX/UI design and web development for microfinance organizations

We have been developing Fintech projects for microfinance organizations since 2011 and have been the leading design partner of ID Finance (MoneyMan, AmmoPay, Solva).

We have completed over 50 projects for MFO’s for customers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Vietnam.

We offer high conversion (at least 16%) against the average market conversion of 8-9% (Kviku – 40%, MoneyMan – 16%).

We create unique, highly intuitive, and easy to use websites that can be comfortably viewed on any devices.

We know how to create effective MFO websites that are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and the latest trends in web development.

Our customers are:

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