Front-end and back-end. We create lightweight and intuitive front-ends integrated with reliable back-ends that ensure the uninterrupted operation of your product.

1. Front-end

Adaptive HTML coding for websites and front-end applications. Clean HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code for web apps and websites. Adaptation for all browsers and devices.

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Logo Webpack
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Logo Vue.js
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2. Back-end

Development of simple web applications, online services, and websites.

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3. Vue.js

We develop websites and web applications in Vue.js.

Fast page loading. Your site will get a high Google PageSpeed rating, which will improve your SEO ranking and lower the bounce rate.

Development speed. The site consists of modules that can be quickly assembled and customized to your requirements.

Reliability and offline operation. Even if some of the features stop working, the site will remain accessible and usable.

Vue.js is used by Google, Apple, Netflix, NASA, Nintendo, Adobe, WizzAir.

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Logo Apple
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4. Headless CMS

Convenient visual editing with the help of the Storyblok CMS. Easily manage all of your content and fine-tune the site’s content blocks. Just click a block you want to edit and paste the new content into a popup window, then save it to publish on the website.

5. Progressive web app (PWA)

Use your site or web app with a really bad connection or even offline. PWA applications work independently from the browser and instantly interact with the user like mobile apps. They also get downloaded faster and have higher search engine rankings.

PWA applications are used by Uber, Twitter, Forbes, Washington Post,Starbucks, Lancome.

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Logo Twitter
Logo Forbes
Logo The Washington Post
Logo Lancome
Logo Starbucks

6. Support and maintenance

The best sites and web applications are not built in a day — they are the result of consistent efforts to analyze metrics and user behavior coupled with ongoing improvement and optimization. We support websites and web services throughout their entire life cycle.

Boris Batin
Boris Batin Co-founder, CEO at ID Finance
“ID Finance has been working with Lepshey since 2011. Over the years, they have delivered not just the design for the websites of the companies comprising the ID Finance fintech holding, but also a number of UI solutions. We are very happy with the outcome of this long cooperation.”
Alexander Dunaev
Alexander Dunaev Co-founder, COO at ID Finance
“Lepshey Studio consistently shows careful attitude towards each joint project. All the work is done quickly and in the organised manner. It is crucially important for our company that though each time the work is done in a very limited time, the number of iterations is reduced to the minimum. This reduces the cost of process management from our side. All comments are processed practically in the real time mode.”
Dmitry Dolgorukov
Dmitry Dolgorukov Co-founder, CEO at HES FinTech
“I’d like to admit professionalism, the high competence and efficiency in solution solving, as well as the responsibility for the final result that Lepshey provides.”
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