Branding. We create a logo and other elements of the corporate identity.

1. Research

We research the company and its product, competitors, target audience, and the best design solutions in your domain area.

1.1. Company

We analyze the positioning of the company, study the strong points of your business, and highlight its advantages.

1.2. Audience

We analyze your target audience and determine the most important touchpoints with your company.

1.3. Competitors

We study your competitors and identify the strengths and weaknesses of their corporate identity.

1.4. Trends

We analyze the best design solutions in your business area.

2. Logo

The core component of any corporate branding package that serves as a foundation for all other elements. We create 3 logo concepts and usage examples. We work with you to pick the best variant and then tweak it for full alignment with your needs.

3. Corporate identity

We create elements of the corporate identity: business cards, a letterhead, an envelope, and more. We define the corporate colors, fonts, and additional elements of the corporate identity package. We brand your communication channels.

4. Style guide

We create a style guide incorporating the rules of implementing the corporate identity and the standards of its application.

Boris Batin
Boris Batin Co-founder, CEO at ID Finance
“ID Finance has been working with Lepshey since 2011. Over the years, they have delivered not just the design for the websites of the companies comprising the ID Finance fintech holding, but also a number of UI solutions. We are very happy with the outcome of this long cooperation.”
Alexander Dunaev
Alexander Dunaev Co-founder, COO at ID Finance
“Lepshey Studio consistently shows careful attitude towards each joint project. All the work is done quickly and in the organised manner. It is crucially important for our company that though each time the work is done in a very limited time, the number of iterations is reduced to the minimum. This reduces the cost of process management from our side. All comments are processed practically in the real time mode.”
Dmitry Dolgorukov
Dmitry Dolgorukov Co-founder, CEO at HES FinTech
“I’d like to admit professionalism, the high competence and efficiency in solution solving, as well as the responsibility for the final result that Lepshey provides.”
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