Frontend Outsourcing

Stack of technologies

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Gulp, Babel
  • Pug
  • BEM
  • npm/ Yarn
  • Git, Gitlab
  • Flexbox
  • SVG
  • GreenSock GSAP
  • jQuery
  • AJAX


  • HTML-coding using HTML, CSS, JavaScript:

    • BEM principles and interface separation into independent components
    • CSS animation and JS-interactive
    • adaptive
    • cross-browser IE9 +
    • semantics and validity of HTML markup
    • twitter bootstrap for fast interface development.
  • Customizing the Frontend Assembly:

    • organizing a system of tasks with Gulp
    • compilation of preprocessor LESS, SASS
    • postprocessing styles with PostCSS
    • automatic graphics optimization with the construction of a system of pictograms in PNG Sprites or SVG
    • automatically check the style of the code with the tools Stylelint and ESLint.
  • Optimization of project performance:

    • reducing the number of requests to the server by correctly building dependencies
    • gradual download of non-critical page components
    • control the display of content during the page load
    • correct use of various graphics formats and its optimization.
  • Version control systems:

    • The main tool is Git
    • GitLab


    • BrowserStack
    • Google PageSpeed Insights


    • The cost of an hour of work: $20 - $30 (depending on the volume and complexity of the work).
    • Cost of 1 working week (40 hours): $800.

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